Wise Whiskers Dog: over 9 years

Adoption Fee: $100

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If you'd like to surprise our animals and staff with a gift we know they'll love and appreciate, take a look at the our Amazon Wish Lists. Everything on these lists is shelter approved.

When you order from these lists, your gift will be shipped straight to the shelter. It's so easy and convenient! Also, be sure to include a gift receipt so we know who to thank!

For every new, unique customer who shops at Chewy.com through our link for the very first time, Chewy will give us $20! 

Wise Whiskers Cat: over 9 years

Adoption Fee: $20

Wish Lists

We can't accomplish our mission without your support. Your donations are tax deductible and will directly benefit shelter pets by helping provide medical care and support programs meant to better their lives during their stay at LCAS.  If you'd like to see your dollars at work, follow us on social media! We will always share how your gifts to us are helping the animals.

Sponsor an Adoption Fee


Cat: 6 months through 9 years

Adoption Fee: $50

Dog: 1 year through 9 years

Adoption Fee: $150


*One new customer per address.

Would you like to help a shelter pet find a home, but you aren't in a position to adopt yourself? Why not sponsor an adoption fee? Fees can be paid directly to the shelter on site, however, they are not equipped to take payments online or over the phone. For convenience, our partnership with the shelter allows us to accept sponsorship payments on their behalf. Click the "donate" button below and choose the option for the fee you'd like to pay. Please include the name of the pet you are sponsoring in the designated field.